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My Skincare Routine


ACNE!! The Not so Silent KILLER! I have struggled with acne ever since I had a face, lol. Ok, maybe not that long, but it sure feels like it. I had glorious skin as a child, and then suddenly I turned 13, and the hormone Gods said, we are going to party on your face girlfriend! Well the partying hasn't stopped! Growing up I tried hundreds of products. Some would work for a little, and some would make things worse. I couldn't understand why I was plagued with this horrible curse.
I remember going to school and a lot of my friends having skin clear as day. I didn't understand that I had more Propionibacterium acnes in my follicles than other girls. Read more about the causes of acne here ( http://dermatology.about.com/cs/acnebasics/a/acnecause.htm).

My Skincare Routine To Treat Acne and Uneven Skintone

 I always thought that once I became an adult the acne would go away, and I'd go back to having clear skin. Well in part I was kind of right. I do not break out like I used to back in the day, but I have scars upon scars, from when I did suffer from severe acne. To all my young ladies out there suffering with acne, make a note to yourself to keep your hands away from your face. Picking at your breakouts is the worse thing you could possibly do for yourself. If your acne is out of control, and can't be remedied by over the counter products, I'd highly recommend you seeing a dermatologist. They specialize in the treatment of acne, and can offer you products that cater to your specific needs.

My Skincare Routine To Treat Acne and Uneven Skintone

Now that I am in my late 20's my skin has different needs. I remember reading Seventeen Magazine, or something when I was 21ish. It said that by the time you were in your late 20's you should have some type of skincare regimen. I laughed, because at that time I didn't even take makeup off at night, let alone wash my face at night. Is that you girl? Lol.

To my surprise I am starting to really care about my skin. I always switch up products I use. Your body will become a custom to something if you always use it, and it may not work as well as it did when you first started using it. So I try to switch things up every couple of months. Plus I enjoy trying out new products!

My Skincare Routine To Treat Acne and Uneven Skintone

Neutrogena "Healthy Skin Boosters"

The scars on my face, cause my skin tone to be uneven. The Neutrogena "Healthy Skin Boosters" facial cleanser, says it "boosts softness, evenness, and radiance". It is made with White Tea and Vitamin E. Two ingredients your skin loves! Having oily/combo skin, another blessing in my life lol, I always gravitate to Neutrogena products, because they are oil-free and do not over dry your skin. This product is so soothing on the skin. It smells AMAZING! It has a crisp clean scent to it, that makes your face feel so fresh and clean, (like the Andre 3000 song). It also makes your skin feel very soft and smooth. My skin has definitely looked more radiant since adding this into my routine.

 Yes To - Grapefruit "Correct & Repair" 

Exfoliating my skin is really important to me. I wear a lot of makeup and live in Florida, remember the oily/combo skin I told you about? The humidity in Florida doesn't help with that lol. The Yes to "Daily Facial Scrub" is fantastic! This product exfoliates dead skin cells, restoring the natural radiance of your skin. I generally exfoliate twice a week, but this facial wash being a daily scrub, allows me to gently do it everyday. I know it is said that you can exfoliate to much, so far I haven't seen any problems using this on a daily basis.

This product is meant to make your skin brighter and or course cleaner. It smells amazing omg! It's made with Grapefruit, which evens skin tone, and Lemon Balm, which repairs damaged skin! Yum! I said in my Birchbox Unboxing, I love Yes to products and I mean it! They are made with natural ingredients, which will not be harsh on your skin. This works hand in hand with the other products I use, to promote an even tone and brighter skin. All I can say is I LOVE IT!


L'OREAL Go 360 Clean

I still have breakouts here and there, so I do use products that have Salicylic Acid which is a acne reducer. Right now I am using this L'OREAL "go 360 Clean". (They offer a whole line of products that cater to different facial needs). I purchased the anti-breakout cleanser, which is a Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie, what really sold me on this product was this cute little face scrubber attached to it. Am I the only one that is a sucker for gimmicks? I like the scrubber though, I feel it gets the product into the skin a little better then your hands would. This is just my opinion though. I really like the fact that this product doesn't smell to strong either. Sometimes when you use an acne treatment, it has a really strong smell because of the medicine. I don't like that. So it's cool this one has a lighter scent. It also doesn't sting the crap out of my skin. I have sensitive skin, which makes it hard to use many products. If you have sensitive skin this is a great product to try.

So far I like this product, I've been using it for about a month, and I have only had 2 breakouts in that time, due to not taking my makeup off at night, and stress :-(.

My Skincare Routine To Treat Acne and Uneven Skintone

Once I am done cleansing, I have to tone and moisturize my skin. Although I have oily/combo skin I still have to moisturize it...


In the mornings I only use the Equate "Dual Power" Moisturizer. This is also a Salicylic Acid acne treatment. It helps treat and prevent pimples. It is very moisturizing, although it says it is for dry skin. I haven't had any problems with it over moisturizing my face or leaving me oily.


First I use the Neutrogena "Pore Refining" Toner. This product is great for girls with larger pores. I struggle with them around my nose and cheek area. Since using it I have noticed my pores have gotten a lot smaller. It's like magic! I only use this product at night though. Using it twice was leaving my skin too dry, so I decreased it to once a day.

Afterwards I moisturize with Neutrogena's "Hydro Boost Water-Gel". This smells so goooood, and feels amaze on your face. I love using this at night. It makes my skin feel hydrated and refreshed. It is a very light cream, and it is oil-free, making your skin feel soft and smooth. I love using this before bed, my skin says "Ahhh thank you" lol.

Take care of your skin, you only have one face!

SOUND OFF! What skincare products do you use? Do you have a skincare routine? Have you been plagued by the hormone God's? Do you suffer from acne? Let me know all about your skin in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you!

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