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Are your red lips poppin?


What make's a woman feel more HAWT, then wearing red, especially on her lips! Red lipstick makes us feel bold, sexy, and daring! I know I feel like I've transformed into a seductress when I wear red lipstick! But sometimes we don't always know how to appropriately wear this delicious shade. Here's a few tips on how to rock the perfect red lip bringing your smoking hot game from 0-100 "Real Quick!"

Exfoliate & Hydrate

Before wearing any lip product you should ALWAYS prep your pout! Dry chapped lips are not cute girl! Exfoliating and keeping your lips hydrated will make your lipstick last longer! Use this easy DIY lip scrub to get the job done.

Choose The Right Shade

I'm going to be so honest with you here! There are 100's of shades of red lipstick and like nude lipstick there are rules of choosing the color that will match your undertones. If you are like me you ain't got time for all that, so my suggestion is trial and error. Try out different shades to see what you feel best suits you!

*Beauty Hack - remember you can always blend more then one color together to find your perfect shade.

Dramatic Eyes Won't Work

Using color is beyond fun, but too much color on the face can sometimes clash and take away from the beauty in your look! For this look a simple cat eye with a contour crease shade for some added definition, or a subtle smokey works best!

Line It Up

Darker color's tend to bleed easier. Lining your lips will lock your color in place and define the shape of your lips! Use a liner that is a close shade to the lipstick.

*Beauty Hack - take a water-based red marker and dot it over your top and bottom lips. Then apply your favorite red lipstick over this. The stain will last a long time.

Blotting is key! A matte finish always boost the drama of your look. It also helps to ensure the color doesn't disappear during dinner!

*Beauty Hack - dust a little translucent setting powder on your lips for a matte finish.

Remember it's just makeup, if it doesn't look good you can wipe if off and try again!

Is it just me or does rocking a red lip make you feel a little more bad ass? What are your tips on wearing red lipstick?

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