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To Nude or NOT To Nude...Is that the ?

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Lipsticks lipsticks everywhere! As you are strolling down the makeup aisle destined to find that perfect nude shade that you have been seeking, you become over whelmed because there are so many shades of "Nude" lippies to choose from! Nude lips are so popular right now and I understand why. It's a splash of color on your lips giving you that "I just woke up like dis" look without trying to hard.
But finding the right nude lipstick for your skin tone can seem like an impossible task. You don't want a color so opaque it washes you out giving you "Night of the Living Dead" lips, or to dark as if you are attempting to do some 90's dark lip trend that you totally failed at (No Bueno)! Well have no fear, even if you've made the mistake of walking out of your house looking like a zombie (I'm sure we all have at some point). Finding your perfect nude is not as impossible as you think. After doing some research I have a few brief tips on how to find the perfect nude shade for your skin tone!

Light - Fair Divas (Fair to Milky Skintone)

Light Olive - Cool Olive Divas (Slightly olive to cool olive undertones)

Tan, Medium, & Caramel Divas

Chocolate - Mocha Divas

Remember makeup is meant to be fun. It is all about trial and era, if at first you don't succeed, wipe if off and try again.

Peace, Love, & Happiness

Alethea Todaro

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