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Red White & Berry Coconut Bowl


Memorial Weekend to me always meant it was officially unofficially summer - if you know what I mean lol! Growing up in New York I always remember everyone bbq'ing and the pools opening. Great times...great times they were. Fast forward to many many MANY MANYYY (okay I'm not that old, but you get my point lol) many years later, and here I am in Florida ready to throw my own BBQ.

This time of the year when it's getting to the point of uncomfortably being hot as hell, and you are so over summer but this is just the beginning!!!! This is the time that fruit and I become besties. The yummy sweet juices from fruit are so refreshing. It's a great way to cool your body down, and stay hydrated.

I brought coconuts a few days ago and totally forgot about them. Don't you love when that happens? Your fridge can be filled with hidden gems sometimes, lol. Orrrrrr, it's just super packed! Whatever makes you feel better about your hoarding issues haha! So yeah, my coconuts...I realized I should probably use them pretty soon. Eating them by themselves didn't sound exciting, but putting more fruit in them sounded perfect. Being that I knew we were going to be cooking out this weekend, I decided to get festive and make these cute little fruit bowls.

This is a great last minute idea to add to your cookout this weekend. With just a few ingredients that you probably already have - you can WOW your company and add edible decor to your food table!
Check out my simple fast recipe for this patriotic fruit bowl!

Red White and Berry Fruit Bowl

What you'll need...

Strawberries cut up into bite sized pieces
Walnuts (any nut will work, that's just what I had)
Coconut shavings

Let's make it...

1. Cut coconuts in half (if your lucky your grocery store may sell them pre-cut)
2. Mix berries and nuts in a bowl. Fill coconuts with desired amoutn of fruit and nut mix.
3. Top with shavings and enjoy!

What are your plans for the weekend? You know no parties a party until a fruit salad makes an appearance haha! I hope you all have a safe fabulous weekend!

Sound Off! What are your favorite creative fruit salads or bbq eats? Come chat with me down in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!

Peace, Happiness & Love

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