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Berry Coconut Bliss Overnight Oats


Happy Tuesday beautiful people! I must say, one week away from here drove me crazy! Last week life got in the way, as it always does - LIFE! My Dad got sick and my Grammy had a stroke! I had to take a little breather and regroup, so I could come back this week better than ever! All is well, and I'm back at cha with another healthy recipe!

I am really working on trying to get on a schedule for my post. The thing is, I'm no good with scheduling. I can admit, doing things in an orderly fashion is not my strong point! I'm never on time for anything, and I always change plans. This is something I am really trying to change about myself, but I mean creative individuals kind of walk to the beat of their own drum - right?! Girl I don't know, that's just my lame cliche excuse that makes me feel better haha! Anywhoooo I have a ton of things I can't wait to share with you all!.

Cool? Ok, cool!

So overnight oats seem to be all the rage right now. Honestly I'm low-key obsessed with mason jars; kind of like my bowl obsession! I think they are super cute and so versatile for around the home uses! When I discovered you could make a nutritious healthy breakfast in a mason jar, I was all over it like syrup on pancakes!

I found my mason jars at Wal - Mart. They have a variety of sizes and styles, for a really low price.
As you know, I am still working on a vegan diet so this recipe contains no dairy or animal product. If you are lactose intolerant like I am this totally works for you too!

I think this is one of the best oatmeal I've ever had in LIFE to date! The Coconut milk combined with the Agave Nectar, give the oats a sweet melt in your mouth kind of flavor. Once you add the fruits to the mix it's like perfection all in one dish! If you are on the go early in the mornings definitely try this out. It only takes a few minutes to prepare before you go to bed. Then you can grab it the next day and be on your way! Ok enough hype, let's get into this recipe.

Berry Coconut Bliss Overnight Oats                                  1 serving

*Measure based on the size of the jar or bowl you are using. Feel free to use more or less to fit your needs.

What you'll need...

1 cup Rolled Oats
2 tbs Chia Seeds
3 tbs Agave Nectar
1/2 cup Coconut Milk
A few sliced strawberries, blueberries and blackberries
Coconut shavings

Let's make it...

1. Set fruit to the side in a dish for your toppings.
2. Layer ingredients in a jar and shake until mixed. Place jar in refrigerator overnight.
3. Top with fruit and coconut shavings and enjoy!

I hope you all have a fabulous day! Please let me know if you decide to try this. I plan on making different flavors. There are so many ways to make these little guys! So be on the lookout for that!

SOUND OFF! How do you keep yourself on a set schedule? Have you ever tried rolled oats? What's your favorite way to make them? Come chat with me in the comments below. I love hearing from you!

In everything you do, stay pretty

Peace, Happiness & Love 

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