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Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself AGAIN?!


Before you begin to read this, know it may be a bit of a rant per say, but in a good way I hope! Ok, proceed :-).

I feel like a stranger to my own blog! Ah what do I say? Where do I start? Ugh Alethea get it together and tell the people why you've been MIA for 7 MONTHS!!!!! Ohhhh My GAWD, has it really been 7 whole months?! Sheesh (puts head in hands)!! I have been racking my brain for weeks deciding what I was going to say to you guys, and here I am...speechless!

Ok, well let me start out by apologizing for my long absence. What was supposed to be a 1 month break turned into a 7 month hiatus lol! For that I truly am sorry. At first I just needed to stop, look at my blog, figure out why it was that I was blogging, find myself as a blogger, and then I would be back. I did start doing that, but then this thing called LIFE got in the way! Funny how LIFE can be such an inconvenience lol! We blame LIFE for everything, as if it's it's fault why we are placed in the situations we find ourselves in. Ok, so it wasn't LIFE'S fault. I just started focusing on everything else BUT blogging. But everyday this page, this haven, this secret not so secret place was still in my heart, still in the back of my head, asking "hey when are you going to get back to me"? I was focused though, I was focused on Alethea. I had to make a lot of changes in my LIFE, so that I could never blame LIFE for getting in my way again. So what did I do? Well remember that awful job I had that I despised, the one that sucked all the joy out of me?! I QUIT! I realized, why the hell would I stay somewhere I hate and do something I cant stand just for money?! Sounds like insanity to me, and I my friend am attempting to be as sane as I can be. Well once I quit this job I held for almost 4 years, I had to think fast on what my next move was going to be. I mean I do have a family to take care of! So I decided to go and get my Florida Real Estate licenses. Easier said then done. Talk about a pain in the ass license to get. Heads up, if you plan on getting yours make sure you ignore your instructor and take it upon yourself to study your butt off! Ok so I started doing that. Then I decided I needed money again, so I actually went and looked for a job. I found one. One that I think changed my LIFE for the most positive turn it has taken in forever. I will have a whole blog post on this new job and why I love it so much coming soon, so look out for that. Ok so you may be thinking all of that kept you from blogging, REALLY?! I know there are many bloggers who juggle a crazy life and still find time to dedicate to their blog. Well this brings me to my next thought...

Blogging was becoming more of a chore to me then something I enjoyed doing for fun! I got caught up in trying to make this thing SO perfect, and SO appealing, and SO great, and SO magnificent, that I forgot why I even started in the first place. I lost myself in trying to keep up with everyone else. To my new bloggers, this part may be where you want to pull your pad out and take some real ass notes! It was this daily routine of let me she was she's doing, ok hmmm.... I can do that too but better. Or how many views did I get on that post. Ugh not enough let me find ways to get more. Oh my God I have to be social too? Let me get on Twitter join one of those blogging parties on Tuesday, oh crap wait I was supposed to comment on 1000 peoples blogs today to make new "friends"! Shit what about my Instagram, let me go take some pictures and up my following there. Damn I still have to be creative and blog too? Girl it became to much, and it was all for the wrong reasons. Nothing about what I was doing was genuine. I mean don't get me wrong. I did write my post from my heart, but they just were not 100% authentic Alethea! I got caught up in the hype and lost myself. I know this happens to many people. I am happy I stopped myself before it got out of control. So I say all of that to say this. SHE'S BACK, BUT in a different way.

I want this to be a real place where I can be real to my readers and they can be real with me. I want you all to get to know me like I'm your bestie or your sister. I want to really share with you what I am passionate about and what I really do love. I also want to tell you what I hate, and not in hopes that you will take my word and hate things too, but to just give you my honest opinion. I don't want to be like everyone else, I was never good at fitting in anyways. So if you want some real ass talk from a down ass chick, this is the place for you. If you are sensitive and like things sugar coated, then this may not be your cup of tea, and hey it's all love babe, no hard feelings.

So enough procrastinating, I'm back and I'm better then ever! LIFE will no longer get in my way, for its to amazing to be an inconvenience to me. I cant wait to share everything with you all. I am not sure how often I will be able to post on a weekly basis yet, but it will definitely be once a week. You will notice the blog may begin to look different as well. Bare with me as I update it, to make it the BOMB.COM lol!

Thank you to all my day one readers who have been here with me since the beginning. Welcome to all of my new readers I hope you enjoy all that I have in store.

I missed you all dearly and I am so happy to be back. Let me know any suggestions of topics you all would like to see me talk about! Everyone have an amazing night, and remember share peace, love & happiness, its the only way we will make changes in the world!

Till next time babes!!!!

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