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New Beauty Products I Can't Wait To Use - Mini Haul


MY LOVES! I have missed you all so much! I apologize for my absence. When I started blogging, one thing I told myself, was that I never want to go more then two day's without posting something. Life isn't always as perfect as we plan it out to be, and unfortunately I needed to take a step away from blogging, to realize why I wanted to do it to being with. I have regained my focus, and am excited to share all my new finds, tips and tricks with you all! So if you are new to my page, thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy. If you have been visiting me from the start, thank you so much for sticking with me. I truly appreciate every single view I receive, you all mean the world to me!

Okay, sooo, I have been in and out of the store a lot this past week. It wouldn't be a trip to any store if I didn't visit the beauty aisle. I need VIP in every store, lol. I wanted to share some of the items I picked up this weekend, that I can't wait to try out.


Real Techniques Kabuki Brush

I have been super obsessed with Real Techniques Brushes lately. For one they are so cute. I love the pink ones - says the girl who is beyond obsessed with pink. Am I the only one who sometimes buys things just because they look pretty, although they could end up being absolutely useless, or crappy?!? Lol. #Thestruggle! So yeah, I have almost all the brushes, and decided I should add this cute Kabuki to the mix. I love how the brush has it's own cover as well!

Neutrogena Body Oil 

The summer is on it's way! Well, honestly living in Florida it's already here. Today is 95'!!! I love keeping my skin extra moisturized, and soft in the Spring/Summer months. I am obsessed with skincare to say the least. I have been wanting to try this Neutrogena Body Oil for quite sometime, but honestly didn't want to buy it because I felt it was a bit expensive. Well I bit the bullet and brought it. It says it is infused with sesame oil. It smells good and feels light. I can't wait to use it. Have you tried this before? Do you love it, or nah?

Wet n Wild "Comfort Zone" Eyeshadow Palette

I have no idea why I am just now buying this Wet n Wild eyeshadow. I have seen it 1000 times, picked it up and but it back 1000 more. I never noticed how much I liked it until the other day. I love Wet n Wild shadows because they are hella pigmented and affordable. I am so happy I finally picked this palette up, because girlllll, it is AMAZE! Every shade is like the angels singing a sweet melody of gorgeous pigmentation on your lids! Yes it is that serious, lol. It's a gorgeous mix of satin shimmery shades. I think these shades are great for the summer months, and know I am going to being grabbing for this palette often.

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

I was watching Wendy Williams last week. Do you watch her? "How you DOOOIN" - Girl I need my daily dose of hot topics, and scandal to keep me going in life, lol. Anywayyyy, she was doing her Spring Beauty picks, and they mentioned this item. All I heard was a makeup remover that acts as a cleanser, and I was sold. I already love this brand because it is natural and light on the skin. I have never heard of a cleansing makeup remover. They say after you use this you don't have to wash your face. I for one will wash my face after, because that's a must! It's good to know on my lazy day's that I have something like this to do all the work for me. I hope this product is as good as they say it is. I can't wait to try it.

Softsoap Coconut Island Quench 

Are you a body wash kind of girl or a bar soap chick? I am a little bit of both, but I love a good body wash. Softsoap makes bomb body washes. If you have never tried them, stop what you are doing and go get you one. They are soothing on the skin, seriously your skin feels amazing after using their washes. This scent is new to me. It smells like summer. I mean - if I had to describe summer in a scent it would be this body wash. It's not to strong with the coconut scent, its a happy medium of coconuts, and a island oasis! I will definitely be using this all summer!

Wet n Wild "Desert Festival" Eyeshadow Palette 

Last but certainly not least, another Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette. What can I say, I am kind of obsessed with them! Don't judge me! I love these color's, and I love the fact that the shades are a mix of matte and shimmer's. Perfect for those dramatic looks, which I love doing every now and then to spice life up!

Okay my darlings, that is it for today. I hope all the mommy's out there are having a wonderful Mother's Day. I am gong to enjoy the rest of my day, online shopping and drinking margarita's, while my husband grills, and my daughter helps him out :-)! Stay tuned for a bunch of new post coming at cha this week. Till next time babes!

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SOUND OFF! What new products are you trying out? What are your go to summer products? Have you tried any of the about products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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