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Bath & Body Works Mini Haul


Hey loves! I stopped in Bath & Body Works over the weekend, and saw they were running a sale on their hand soaps! So of course I had to walk in and get some. It worked out well anyway, since we were running low in my house. The deal they had, was 5 for $18, which is awesome. They are normally 4 for $18 and 7 for $24, or $6.50 each. I have used many different hand soaps, from cheap to expensive, and I always come back to the Bath & Body Works ones. One, have you smelled them? They all smell AMAZE! They make your hands feel extremely clean. As you will see I kind of prefer the Gentle Foaming ones over the Deep Cleaning. I don't know why, I just like them lol.

Anywhooo, here are the ones I picked up from their Spring Collection. These are my current favorites for the moment!

From Left - Right

Japanese Cherry Blossom - This is a classic scent! I actually prefer the hand soap over the body lotions and sprays. This is Bath & Body Works best selling scent - I know this because I used to work their :-). It smells like a beautiful Spring day to me! The description says - "Seductive blossoms, Asian pear and sandalwood mingled in an exotic garden."

Hawaiian Pink Hibiscus - I have never tried this one, I believe it is one of their new ones for Spring. It smells delish though. Like a exotic vacation, lol. The description says - "An intoxicating blend of hibiscus petals & pink guava." Yum, I can't wait to use it!

Lush Bamboo Waterfall - I decided to try this one in the Deep Cleansing version. I used it already, so I can say I really do like it. It smells like a tropical rainforest...as if I've visited one before. The description says - "Be transported to the tropics with the scent of lush bamboo & island mist."

Springtime & Clementines -  As you can see I already started using this one as well. Hey, I have 3 bathrooms in my house and two were without soap, so ya know! I really love this one. It is sooooo sweet, but doesn't give off a harsh orangey scent. It is very Spring appropriate. The description says - "Laugh with the springtime scent of clementines, blood orange and peach blossom."

Beautiful Day -  The name pretty much explains how it smells! It really is a beautiful day in a bottle made to clean your hands. The description says - "The scent of a perfect spring day – sun-kissed apple, wild daisies & fresh pink peonies."

I decided to grab these on the way out. I love having mini products to throw in my purse, and my daughter likes having her own body wash, so I got her one! These were 3 for $12 which was another great deal!

SOUND OFF!!! What's your favorite hand soaps from Bath & Body Works? Are you obsessed with shopping there? Check out their site, they are running really great sale at the moment.


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