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April Birchbox Unboxing


Hey Beauties!

I know, I am sooooooo late with my April Birchbox un-boxing. Sorry my loves, but I still want to show you girls what I got. This months box was so pretty, I didn't even want to open it, lol! I love the bright colors and floral decor they used! It screams Spring! Ok, enough of my ramble. You came here to see what I got!

Let's take a look...

As always, every month you receive a cute little message card, describing your box, as well as a list of the products, and prices. I think this is so cute!

The first thing I pulled out, were these two items! Apparently Birchbox feels I don't have enough shampoo, and conditioners, since they make sure to send me some EVERY MONTH! :-/! Honestly I didn't even care to see what they were. Once I saw shampoo and conditioner, I rolled my eyes, and sighed a sigh of disappointment! I guess my hair is REALLY dirty, and I don't have enough products for it - something I never said! Birchbox, please stop sending me this crap! Kay thanks.

Anyyyyway's, I will still tell you about the products in case you care. They are from a company called Beaver Professional, I have never heard of them...have you? They are Hydro Nutritive Repairing products, which sounds interesting. Anything that will hydrate and repair my hair is great. I have pretty dry hair, so maybe I'd use something like this, BUT...it smells GROSS!! Like what the hell Birchbox, nooooo! Girl my hair has to smell good, and this stuff right here is so not the business. Plus I only use all natural products in my hair. I am throwing these in the trash. I wouldn't even pass them along to my worst enemy! Bye Felicia!

I was excited to open my little surprise box! I got a cute lip pencil, and a Harvey Prince perfume!

The lip pencil is really pretty, and I love the size of it! It is from a company called LAQA & CO. The greatest part about Birchbox, is that you get to try out products from so many different brands. A lot of the times I've never heard of the brands. I really like that. The lip pencil, is a pretty baby pink, but comes off really light. It also smells minty...mmmm! I don't know if this a color I'd wear on it's on, for it is very sheer. I think I would probably wear this on top of another lip product, to add some pizazz!

This is my second time receiving a Harvey Prince perfume from Birchbox. I don't think I liked the first scent they sent me, so I was hesitant about this one. They totally made up for it though! It smells SOOOOOO freaking good girl, OMG!!! It's got a light sweet smell, not to floral, and not to sweet like candy either. Just a perfect mix of amazingness! The top notes are Meyer Lemon, and Satsuma Mandarin (what ever that is), a.k.a BOMBSKIS! Buttttttt, I think I was to excited about how great it smelled, I broke the sprayer, and now I can't use it :-(. I guess I am going to purchase the full size because I need this scent in my life!

Lastly I got this body wash from Not Soap, Radio Body Wash . The first thing that caught my eye, was the saying on the front. How cute is that? No...stop it, it's not cute. Actually it's really confusing. I don't get it! Like why would I want to even bathe with a shark? I guess each bottle comes with little remarks to help you prepare for your day? This one is not helpful at all! Lol.

It says on the top, achievement through self-confidence. This is possibly the most positive soap I have ever seen, lol. This scent is supposed to help energize you, which is always needed in life! I don't know. This thing confuses me more then anything. Like they are doing way to much. So with all the words and stuff on it you would think it actually smells good right? Uh, wrong! I can't smell it. I honestly don't even want to use it. Not interested in this. Try again!

So all in all, my box sucked this month. The best part about it was the box the products came it! I am sorry to say that, but I have to be honest with you girls! Hopefully they get it together, and May's box will be good. The only thing I really liked in the damn box broke, like what the hell, lol. So yeah - FAIL! How was your April's box? Am I the only one disappointed? I don't know, Birchbox hasn't been my favorite lately. What do you think? My Ipsy haul will follow this one, and I will let you know my Ipsy bag was SOOOOO much better. Ah, oh well.

It's so nice to talk to you babes again. I really missed you. Hope everyone's week is off to a good start. Till next time my darlings!

SOUND OFF - What was in your April Birchbox? Did you hate it or love it? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you. 

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