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10 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight


Last week I told you about 5 foods that you SHOULD eat to help you lose weight, especially belly fat. This week I have 10 foods you should RUN from, if you are trying to lose weight. With so many dining options available to us, it can sometimes be very hard to make the right choices when it comes to our meals, and snacks. We all have very busy lives, and it can be hard to prep and plan our meals ahead of time. For a lot of us it easier to grab something on the go. Although many things may look and taste good, a lot of these delicious treats have damaging effects on your body, skin, and waistline. If losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is your goal try to avoid these foods.

1. White Bread 

White Bread is considered a glycemic food, and can have a negative effect on your blood sugar. White Bread lacks nutrients like fiber and whole grains. It is loaded with carbs, salt, refined sugar and preservatives, which will keep pounds on vs taking them off. Opt for Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Bread instead.

2. Fried Foods

Fried foods are high in Trans-Fat, which are added to foods in order to keep them in-expensive. Eating Fried foods can lead to serious health complications. Fried foods can raise blood pressure, increase a person’s risk of suffering from a heart attack, as well as lead to heart disease, and Type II diabetes. Instead  frying food try a healthier alternative, by using the oven to bake the food.

3. Creamy Salad Dressing

A lot of people get very confused with this, because they feel they are eating healthy by eating a salad. By adding Creamy Salad Dressing such as Ranch you are blocking all the nutrients offered from the salad. These dressings are high in calories, high in bad fats and low in most things healthy. Opt for Olive Oil, and Vinegar instead.

4. Pasta

Pasta contains carbs, and is a refined and processed food. It is made from processed flour, contains gluten and can be difficult to digest, which are all bad for your waistline. Instead try Whole Wheat Pasta, a much healthier alternative. 

5. Soda  

Soda  is high in calories and has NO nutritional value. It increases your risk of a heart attack, builds fat deposits throughout your body, and will increase your weight. One of the major causes of obesity is drinking Soda. Drinking Soda can make you feel hungrier, signaling your brain to crave food. This goes for Diet Soda as well. The best drink you can ever have is Water.

6. Sugary Cereals

Simple sugars found in these types of cereal, digest to easily, which spike your insulin levels.These cereals contain Trans-Fat, and have a pretty high count of Refined Sugar. The best cereal for weight loss would be ones made from 100% Whole Grains.

7. Frozen Dinners

This can be very deceiving. Many brands offer "Healthy" alternatives in the Frozen Food Isle. Do not be fooled. These meals are high in fats and sugars and are loaded with salt to preserve them. This will cause you to eat more, allowing your body to retain excess water in an attempt to dilute the large volume of salt from the food. Instead of this quick meal, try heating up leftovers from the night before. This way you know exactly what you are eating and how it was made.

 8. Tropical Fruits

When it comes to losing weight many people assume eating any fruit will do the trick! This is not always the case. Fruits make delicious snacks, but many contain hidden calories. Tropical Fruits are high in sugar. When purchasing fruits, try to choose ones that are full of soluble and insoluble fiber. Like everything they should be eaten in moderation. Opt for a apple which is jam packed with fiber.

9. Alcohol

Alcohol is not your friend when it comes to weight loss. It adds extra calories to your diet, encourages you to eat more, which leads to poor food choices. It alters your normal digestive process, which turns those extra calories into unwanted body fat. If you plan on hitting the town with your girls, before going out, try to include an extra 30 minutes of exercise to balance your calories, as well as eating a healthy meal. Keep in mind Red Wine,White Wine, and Light Beer are low in calories. 

10. Ketchup

Ketchup can be tricky since it is made with tomatoes. But it is extremely high in sugar, sodium, corn syrup, and fat. It is very high in calories, and can contribute to weight gain and possible obesity. Let's be honest, the bulk of the food you would be eating ketchup with isn't healthy for you anyway so I have no alternative for this one.:-)

Make your diet fun. Try new foods, and always read the nutrients facts of what you are consuming. Enjoy everything in moderation. No one expects us to be perfect, and every now and then treat yourself for all your hard work. By limiting foods like these you will be well on your way to your dream summer body in no time.

SOUND OFF! What are the foods you try to avoid when dieting? Let me know in the comments below.

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