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Retrospect (Outfit of the Day)


Happy Tuesday darlings! I am a sucker for a pantsuit or romper. Any outfit that is already put together is a winner in my heart. I love that you can just throw outfits like these on and go, and it look likes you actually tried hard. #WINNING! I brought this pantsuit 3 years ago, back when no one was even wearing them lol. I am sure Material Girl still makes something similar to this. I love that brand they have a unique look. You can find Material Girl at Macy's if you are interested. Any-who, I felt super retro with this look. I am feeling very 70's/80's lately. Am I the only one? I know the trend for spring is 70's inspired and I am totally diggin that!

The best part about this outfit was that it was under $30. I am the biggest bargain shopper. The pantsuit was on sale for $10, the sandals were $5, the purse was $5, the necklace was $3,  and the shades a whopping $5!! The bracelet and earrings were a gift. I think looking fab on a budget is the best thing ever. It makes you feel awesome, at least that's how I feel lol.

Ok enough of my babbling!

To the outfit...

SOUND OFF! Are you a pantsuit kind of girl? What is your favorite thing to wear? Let me know in the comments below! 

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