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5 Ways to Make Working Out More Fun


Can I be so honest with you guys? I knew Fitness Friday was approaching and I kept thinking CRAP! I don't know what I am going to write about, maybe I will skip this week. Kind of like what I said the past week when it came to working out. Girl, I just was not feeling it, OKAYYY! Fitness Friday's are motivation for me as well, to stay on my journey. So today we are going to talk about the one struggle I have been dealing with, and that's finding motivation to workout.


Ok, raise your hands if you LOVE working out! Don't be shy, get those hands in the air! I can't see you, but if I could I doubt a large percent of you would have your hands raised. I didn't raise my hand either lol. Honestly I cannot say I truly LOVE working out. Especially lately! It is becoming more of a "chore" to me then something I actually want to do. I make 100 excuses of why I can't workout, before I actually get my butt up and do it. One scroll through my Instagram feed is motivation enough for me though lol. But we all need motivation, and encouragement to stay on, or even start our fitness journey. It is a though decision, and a hard process. It's not something you can do for a week, a month, or a few day's, then say ok I'm done. It is a lifestyle, if you want to remain healthy, fit, and active. So like a roommate, if you are going to be living with the choice to be any of those things, you've got to set some rules to make the living arrangement work.

Fitness should be fun, instead of counting the minutes until your workout is over (ME), we should be counting the minutes until it's time to workout. I try to implement these tips in my life. I hope they can help make your workouts feel just as amazing during the process, as you feel when you are finished.

1. Make a Workout Playlist 

Music is the ultimate mood changer. I know music can make me feel amazing, especially when I workout. Up beat music can set the tone for a great run, or intense gym sesh. If you are into yoga, soothe calming music can create a serene scene for you to relax. Create a playlist of your favorite songs for whatever workout you are going to do.

2. Change Up Your Routine

If you are stuck in a workout rut, and don't feel that spark you once had when you started, changing your routine can help. You've been to a spinning class, kickboxing madness, and even a great yoga class. Now what? If you feel like you've tried it all, think again. There are 100s of workouts that you can do, from belly dancing, swimming, and even weight lifting. And if you are having a lazy day, go for a walk. Any activity is better then none at all. Go on Pinterest (check out my fitness board for inspo), to get ideas and motivation. There are tons of workouts you can find. We are creatures of habit, and sometimes like to stay in our comfort zone. Especially if we saw amazing results from what we did. But like us our body gets bored, and won't produce results if we don't switch things up.

3. Workout With a Friend

Everybody needs somebody sometimes - isn't that a song? Well it's true! Having a partner in crime as you workout is tons of fun. You have someone you trust to be there to motivate, and push you to reach your goals and not give up. Find a friend who will truly support your goals, and not let you be a lazy bum when you are not feeling it. This could be your besite since 2nd grade, to the cool chick you just met a few weeks ago at the coffee shop. Just find someone you can trust. Even your boyfriend or husband can take a walk with you. That's a great way to spend sometime together. Make it fun and challenge each other to be better.

4. Focus Your Negative Energy Into Your Workout

It's always on our worst day's that we really don't feel like working out. We've weighed our self and the pounds aren't disappearing like we thought they would. Heck, they may have even increased. We could have seen a girl who was a size 2 and wondered why we don't look that way. Or maybe it's totally different. Work went crappy, and now all you want to do is loaf on your couch and eat chips. Or the kids were out of control today, and you feel you do not have any more energy to put into anything else. We have all been there, but these are all mental. If you could channel that negative energy and focus it in on your workout, you will feel 100 times better when you are done. So if you are beating yourself up, and saying you are never going to loose weight or look fit or whatever. Get your butt up, and say girl you CAN loose weight, and you WILL be healthier and in shape. Tell yourself that the whole time you are working out. I promise you will feel amazing when you are done, and totally forget about why you felt bad to begin with. Mind over Matter darlings.

5. Change Your Scenery

Winter is ending, and the weather is getting nicer. If you always worked out at the gym, maybe you can try dong a few workouts outside. Go to a park with lots of space, maybe you can bring a mat with you and do yoga there. If you live by a beach, try going for a run on the beach or getting a beach cruiser and cycling through the sand. Don't worry about people looking at you like you are crazy, if anything look back at them like they are crazy for not joining you. You can also try taking fitness classes at various locations, or working out a new gym. Switch your life up, a change of scenery is always good and will give you a new feeling of motivation.

Working out is not meant to feel like a chore. It is meant to be fun. So if you find yourself bored with what you are doing, sign up for that pole class you've been secretly thinking about! Just have fun with whatever you do, because the after effects is the best reward you can give to yourself!

SOUND OFF! Are you in a workout rut? What do you do to motivate yourself? Have you tried any of these tips? Holla at me in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you! 

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