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15 Favorite Beauty/Makeup Instagram Accounts To Follow


Hi my name is Alethea, and I am addicted to Instagram! 

Instagram is one of my favorite social media sites. To say that I am obsessed with it might be an understatement, lol. The best part about it, is getting inspiration and, interacting with other talented people that share the same passion as you. Today I want to share my top favorite makeup/beauty instagramers who totally inspire me.

1. @ellarie

Ellarie is totally my makeup crush! She always does daring makeup looks, using lots of colors. She loves to take risk with makeup, and do things others aren't doing. Let's just say, there is no possible way you can get bored looking at her page. Omg and her lips! Can we say PUURRFECTION!! She also has a YouTube channel, that I enjoy watching. She is very cool and down to earth!

2. @tymetymetheinfamous

Ok, can we say BARBIE! Tyme is no stranger to risk taking. She steps out of every box when it comes to makeup. Every look she does is daring and unique. If you love a cakeface, this is your girl. She owns her obsession for makeup, and applying as much on as possible. It's always fun looking at what she's doing. She also has an amazing YouTube channel. Her adorable Denver accent will have you binge watching her vids for days!

3. @ms_boss4u

Can we say ultimate girl crush! Not only is she one of my favorite makeup inspo's, she also has killer taste in fashion. If you are ever in a rut and don't know what to wear, or how to wear something, visit her page. I guarantee you will get 100's of ideas. The one thing I truly love about her, is that although she has 1000's of followers, she ALWAYS responds back to her comments. I really respect that. It makes you feel like you truly know her, and can connect with her.

4. @ItsMyRayeRaye

One of my favorite curly girls. A fellow New Yorker like myself. Raye Raye is super dope and down to earth. Her looks range from everyday looks, to a night out on the town. Whatever your makeup needs, I know you can find inspo by glancing at her page. She also uses a lot of drugstore, and inexpensive products. Which ,makes it a lot easier for the everyday girl to take tips from. Raye Raye also has a great YouTube channel. It's always fun watching her videos! Let's just say she is #BAE!

5. @norvina

Seriously, can we just talk about #hairgoals for a second! Her hair alone makes me love her. Norvina is one of the first people I started following on IG. Her cool hippie personality makes you fall in love with her automatically. The coolest thing about her, is that she works on creating makeup for a living. If you don't know who this girl is, you could possibly be living under a rock! Her mom is the brow genius herself, Anastasia Beverly Hills! Obviously the apple didn't fall far from that tree. She has her own YouTube channel, where she explains all the products that the company launches, giving you behind the scenes and more insight! Love her!

6. @roseandben

Her skin is absolutely #Flawless!! Rose is a super sweet, super talented woman. I just started following her a few months ago, and I can't help but stalk her page on the regular. She is soooo sweet, and down to earth. Although she has 1000's of follower's, she always takes her time to respond back to her comments. Her skills of a cut crease and winged liner are out of this world! Like literally! She also makes her own turbans which is super cool. Gotta love a #GIRLBOSS!

7. @msroshposh

Her eyes are EVERYTHING! Rachelle's page is always fun to check out. She always has creative looks, with bold eyes! Her hair game is off the chain. She definitely will give you life hunny! Her face is so captivating, you can't help but love her. She has a YouTube channel as well. She keeps you updated with new products to try, and day to night makeup looks. Let's not forget her exotic accent. What can I say, us Jamaican girls gotta stick together lol.

8. @ladyace1101

Let's talk about a girl who has so much fun with her makeup! She does so many looks, you can never get bored looking at her page. She is not scared to use color. Whether it be a bold lip, or a bright eye! Her looks never disappoint. She is the sweetest girl, and will always respond back to her comments. I see big things happening for her future, because she is beyond talented, and has the personality to back it up!

9. @lustrelux

 I first found this gem on YouTube! One video had me hooked! I mean look at her! She kills the neutral look. If you are looking for achievable looks, that look like you took all day to do them, she is your girl. Her winged eyeliner is top notch! And if you want to know how to pop those falsies on she is a great teacher. Katy is also one of the girls behind our monthly Ipsy Bags. I enjoy watching her channel and viewing her IG page. She never disappoints and she's hilarious! Who said pretty girls can't be funny!

10. @mac_daddyy

If there were ever a boy, that could possibly look prettier then me on my most flawless of days, he is him! His name suits him well because he is the optiamy of a "Mac Daddy!" If you ever wanted to know how to achieve a flawless highlight look no further. Angel is the king of highlighting! He even has his own highlights, in his makeup line Artist Couture. Not only does he beat his face on the regular, but he is a professional Make Up Artist to many well known people. You can never get bored looking at his page.

11. @pop_of_color

Her looks are to die for! I'd say she is the QUEEN of the ombre lip. Diana is not shy when it comes to her makeup skills. Every picture she post will always impress. She is super funny and down to earth. She always responds back to her comments, and makes you feel like you know her. She also has a YouTube channel, that's fun to watch. I love checking her page daily to see all her new looks, and of course her old ones too.

12. @amrezy

 #Glamrezy! If you don't know who this girl is, I do not know where you have been in life! She is blowing up Instagram right now, with her chic #OOTD post, and glamorous #MOTD looks. She is not shy when it comes to how she expresses herself. This is the one thing I really love about her. Don't forget her holy grail eyeshadow palette. Last summer she colabed with Anasatia Beverly Hills, and brought us LIFE in a palette.I am so jealous of you! Lol

* I am not sure what happened to the font here! Sorry :-(

13. @makeupshayla

 Another BARB! Shayla is one of those girls that you wake up and say, damn I want her life! Lol. She is just that BOMB! She is a professional Make Up Artist, who works with many celebrities. She is a hard worker, and you can see that in her looks. She is always creating something fun, that is sure to inspire any and every body who loves makeup! You can also join in on one of her own line makeup classes, for a great price, Check out her page to see when the next one is.

14. @chrisspy

Chrisspy is no stranger to creating a memorable look. She always steps outside of the norm, and does her own thing. I love stalking her page for inspiration. If you want to know how to take great Insta pictures definitely check her out! She has got the poses on POINT! I love watching her YouTube channel, she is really funny and easy to follow. Chrisspy also works with Ipsy. If you receive the bag, I'm sure you have seen her before. 

*Check back in on Saturday for my March 2015 Ipsy review!!! 

15. @ssssmanthaa

Last, but surely not least! This BOMBSHELL! Another girl that makes you look at her and think "why are you so perfect tho" lol! She is totally blowing up right now with straight #InstaFame! There is no way possible you can get bored checking out her page. She offers a variety of looks, that everyone can do. She also colab's on a awesome YouTube channel "Batalash Beauty". Samantha is 100% herself, she is not afraid to keep it real, and I love that. 

It was so hard doing this list because I honestly have like 30 favorites. BUTTTT I wasn't trying to keep you guys here with me all day. Let me know if you want to know who else I love. Also feel free to check out my Instagram page if you are not following me already @aletheatodaro. 

SOUND OFF! Who do you love on the Gram? Who are your beauty/makeup favorites? Do you like favorite post like these? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you. 

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