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What she's not asking for but really wants


 This one goes out to all my procrastinators! You know who you are. You have a few more day's left until Valentine's Day. You know the day that is known to be a woman's "favorite" holiday (besides her birthday of course). She may tell you "Honey this year you don't have to buy me anything, I just want to spend time with you." That translates to "Honey you better get me a gift, and make sure it's a good one too!" I know we have all been there!
So make this Valentines day a special one for your lady. You and I both know she deserve's it! Check out the top 5 gifts your girl might be "not asking for" but really wants! Remember this is the one time of the year she really expects you to make her feel EXTRA special, besides her Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day ect. lol! Happy Shopping!

1. Every lady loves to smell good. Devour her senses in Prada's Candy Perfume set. This will surly cure her sweet tooth!
     Prada Candy Gift Set

Sephora   $116.00

2. Skip the box of chocolates this year and get her this sweet eyeshadow palette from Too Faced Cosmetic's. Bonus the shadow's are made with cocoa powder and smell as sweet as they sound!
Too Face Chocolate Bar Palette

Sephora    $49.00

3. Every girl love's arm candy. Dazel her wrist with this beautiful charm bracelet from Pandora! 

Golden Love Bracelet
Pandora    $325.00

4. Speak to the sounds of her heart this year with this pretty pink Beats Pill music player! Every time she listens to it she will think of you! 

Beats Pill "Nicki" Pink
Amazon   $172.00

5. Sweeten her morning coffee with these adorable mugs! Every girl loves something from the heart that's personal. These are guaranteed to bring a smile to her face every morning!

Personalized Photo Coffee Mugs
Personalizationmail.com    $11.95

The best gift you can give your girl is you, don't stress yourself out trying to find the perfect gift. I promise she will love what ever you get her because you got it for her! Happy Valentine's Day! 

Let me know what your top 5 gifts that you want this Valentine's Day are?

Peace, Love, & Happieness


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