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A Wet n Wild Affair


Wet n Wild is one of my favorite makeup brands at the drugstore. The quality of their products are amazing, and the price is so ridiculously cheap. I can't help but to go on a mini wet n wild shopping spree every time I enter a Walgreen's.The palette's range from about $2.79-$4.59 and the single shadows are as low as .99cents a piece *DEAL*!

These are a few of my go-to eyeshadow palette's and single eyeshadows. I love the fact that the palette's are designed so that you can do a whole eye with just one palette. You can create endless looks with them. They even have the color's labeled as to where to place each one, which is perfect for beginner's. Not only are you saving money, but you have a guideline of where to place each color, SCORE!

For a drugstore eyeshadow these colors are super blendable, and the pigmentation is amazing. BUT I hate the cheap packaging of the products, don't you!? Ugh! A girl can't complain though, because the important factors are all A+!

I really love the single shadows, look how much product  you get! I did a few swatches so you can see for yourself the quality of them. They are so soft and the color pay off is great!

All ONE swatch OMG!!! :-)

"Nutty" is a great highlight color which I think would look great on most skin tones. "Creme Brulee" is a tan matte shade that looks amazing on the lid if you are gong for a "soft girly" kind of  look. "Sugar" is like the perfect pearlescent white, which looks really pretty on the lid or inner corners. "Cheeky" is a pretty girly kind of pink, it has a little bit of a sheen to it but not overwhelming. "Suede" Ok WAIT, can we just look at this blue for second! Like REALLY THO! Ugh! This is one of my favorite blue shades. This shade was seriously made for brown girls, just gorgeous!

Let me know if you want me to do a swatch/review on the palettes I have! I have a few more in case you would like to see them all!

SOUND OFF! How do you feel about Wet n Wild eyeshadows? Which ones do you own or love? Let me know in the comments below. Till next time my love bugs!

*Palette's in the picture from left-right "Walking on Eggshells", "Ho, Ho, Hollywood", "Silent Treatment", "Art in the Streets"

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