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A New Way to Wash Your Face

If I told you that you could wash your face with a different type of water would you believe me? I mean, it is standard tradition to cleanse the skin with water from your sink. Regular good ole tap water, right?! Well let me rock your world for a second, because there is another option of water that you can use to cleanse your face that has benefits good ole tap water does not have!

Believe it or not you can actually use carbonated water to cleanse your face. This method was first made popular in Japan and is now a commonly used method in Korea. Carbonated water is known to deeply cleanse your face including your pores! The carbon dioxide bubbles act as micro-brushes that deep-cleanse pores, remove dead skin cells, and help to reduce puffiness while firming the skin. Carbonated water includes carbonic acid, which does not include any detrimental chemicals. Using carbonated water can easily brighten your skin tone and smooth uneven complexion, making your skin look healthier and lively!

This method should only be done once a week if you have sensitive skin, and can be done twice a week if you have oily skin.

The only ingredients you’ll need are 100% mineral water and carbonated water.

 Welcome to your skin feeling revitalized and refresh! This is a feeling you may not experience with good old tap water and facial washes!

Please let me know if you have tried this method before, or if you are thinking about trying it and your personal experience. I would love to know!

Peace, Love, & Happiness


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