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Allow Me to Introduce Myself


Ahh the dreaded first post! It has taken me a month to figure out what I want to talk about first! !000 topics have come to mind, but they just did not seem right so decided I will talk about me first. I mean if you are going to read things I write about I assume you would like to know about the person writing what you are reading. So here I go...

My name is Alethea pronounced A lee thee A! It's Greek by the way, it means TRUTH.I am 27 and a mommy to my beautiful 8 year old daughter. Her name is Ariah!

I am originally from New York, born and raised in Long Island. I moved to Florida when I was 19 not by choice. See I came to FL for what I thought would be a "vacation", well 7 year's a house a husband and my daughter in a great school later I am still here. What a vacation that turned out to be right!? Florida has grown on me though. I hated it at first! It wasn't anything like home.It was WAY to hot. I mean why is it always summer here? The people here drove WAY to slow! Imagine a funeral procession just to go to the grocery store! And I thought everyone here was WEIRD! Beyond the hideous accents they all seemed a little off to me! (No offense to anyone who is actually from FL). I just thought I did not fit in. But it has grown on me in such a huge way that 7 years ago I couldn't imagine happening. Now when I visit NY I feel it is to COLD there, the people drive way to FAST and not only is it dirty there but everyone is RUDE! Don't get me wrong though I will forever love where I am from. Haha it's funny how you change so much in your life. With the mention of it's funny how life changes you brings me to another thought, why I chose to begin blogging. It all began about a year ago. I was sitting at work one day and realized I hated so many things about my life. I hated my job, I hated how I looked, I hated the life that was becoming mine. I think we all go through this stage at some point in our life. Some of us stay stuck in this phase and it becomes our life and some of us realize that we are better then that and do something to change our situation. So I started with how I looked. I changed my diet and started eating better as well incorporating a daily exercise routine. Within 10 months I lost 40 lbs. In that time I found my love for beauty. As I was working eternally on my inner beauty I was becoming more and more obsessed with outer beauty. I wanted a platform to express all the new things I was discovering in the beauty and fashion world. Ah blogging! Yes! Of course! It hit me one day! I mean I have always loved to write especially my own thoughts! So here I am finally doing it! How am I doing so far? I hope I haven't lost you yet!

I am excited for my new journey in the blogging world! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you stick around for the ride. I promise to keep it interesting, unique and fun! Stay tuned for my next ramble-I mean blog post!

Peace, Love, & Happiness,

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